Great for cello-glazed cardboard and films. Also commonly used by picture framers for double mat boards.

  • Item code: K35
  • Sale unit: Pack of 12 rolls
  • Roll length: 25 mts
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This tape is called Transfer tape because the tape is so thin. That means that the adhesive basically transfers from one surface – the backing sheet, to another, the surfaces to be mounted. With a strong acrylic adhesive, it is purposely made for lightweight fixings like paper, cardboard and films. Transfer tape guns are commonly used for this style of tape.

  • High strength acrylic adhesive.
  • Tissue carrier provides strength and conformability.
  • Excellent adhesion to most papers and films.
  • Permanent mounting of nameplates and badges.
  • Ideal for print finishing. Suitable for cello glazed boards
  • Commonly used by picture framers for double mat boards.
  • Instant adhesion for bonding artwork and brochures.
  • Easy and fast to use with the HT20 (ATG) dispenser.
  • Fits most brands of adhesive transfer dispensers.
  • White in colour.

Roll length: 25 mts

Item code: K35

Sale Unit: Pack of 12 rolls

Tape Width

12mm, 18mm, 6mm, 9mm