Designed for the temporary mounting and attachment of items.

  • Item Code: TENACIOUS/U300/
  • Roll length: 33mt
  • Sale Unit: Roll
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U300 is a Double Sided Polyester Tape with a differential acrylic adhesive system on either side and a white siliconised paper release liner.

Product Features
• A strong, clear PET filmic backing
• A highly stable and differential acrylic adhesive system with the Open Side (6.8 N/cm) having twice the tack level of the Linered (Closed) Side 3.4 N/cm. The adhesive has very high cohesive strength and a degree of UV stability.

• A high quality and die-cuttable siliconized paper release liner

✓ Designed for the temporary mounting and attachment of items
✓ Excellent clean-remove from stable surfaces of the Linered/Closed adhesive side
✓ Suitable for lamination to material in wide width (available in 1,050mm and 1,220mm)
as standard and normal length of 33 Metres – long length also available for lamination
✓ Suitable for conversion to short length rolls or die-cut e.g. circles for mounting posters

Item Code: TENACIOUS/U300/

Roll lengths: 33mt

Sale Unit: Roll

Tape Width

12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 72mm