A safe alternative to Steel strapping

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Woven Polyester (PET) Strapping is a safe alternative to Steel strapping, whilst still offering a high tensile strength that is retained for long periods of time. It can also be re-tensioned at any time. Woven PET strapping is light in weight and also reusable. Different strengths are available and are identifiable by the coloured line running through the weave. For example, Woven PET Strapping with 1-Blue line means the tensile strength is 650kg, whilst 1-Red line has a tensile strength of 840kg.

Item code: STRAP/TI

Sale Unit: Roll

Woven PET Strapping tools and Heavy Duty Wire Buckles are also available.

Woven PET strap options

19mm x 500mt 2-Red line (Tensile 1000kg), 19mm X 800mt 1-Red line (Tensile 840kg), 19mm x 850m 1-Blue line (Tensile 650kg)