It’s a versatile, economical and waterproof packaging product.

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This protective sheeting can be wrapped and taped around all sorts or shapes, sizes and materials to provide a layer or protective insulation.

It is water resistant and pliable, is easily handled and cut, is non dusting, and is resistant to fuel and oils – it’s a versatile and economical packaging product.

Rolls are 1.2 mt high and are available in various thicknesses.

Slitting and perforating options are available.

1006  1.2M X 100M 2mm THICK
1006/0.5-500 1.2M X 500M 0.5mm THICK
1006/1  1.2M X 100M 1mm THICK
1006/1-500  1.2M X 500M 1mm THICK
1006/10  1.2M X 45M 10mm THICK
1006/12  1.2M X 40M 12mm THICK
1006/250/1.5M  1.5M X 250M 2mm THICK
1006/4  1.2M X 100M 4mm THICK ALSO AVAILABLE IN 1.5M
1006/6  1.2M X 70M 6mm THICK
1006/8  1.2M X 50M 8mm THICK

1.2m x 100m x 1mm THICK, 1.2m x 100m x 2mm THICK, 1.2m x 100m x 4mm THICK, 1.2m x 40m x 12mm THICK, 1.2m x 45m x 10mm THICK, 1.2m x 500m x 0.5mm THICK, 1.2m x 500m x 1mm THICK, 1.2m x 50m x 8mm THICK, 1.2m x 70m x 6mm THICK, 1.5m x 250m x 2mm THICK, 1.5m x 100m x 4mm THICK