Great to pack fragile items.

  • Item code: BB/SIZE
  • Sale Unit: CTN
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Great to pack fragile items, allowing them to be shipped with protection.

Sale Unit: CTN

 Item code: BB/SIZE

BB/SIZE00/125245 125 X 245mm 10mm BUBBLE 450 / CTN
BB/SIZE000/100203 100 X 203mm 10mm BUBBLE 450 / CTN
BB/SIZE1/150220/40F  150mm x 220mm + 40mm FLAP 10mm BUBBLE 700 / CTN
BB/SIZE2/215300 215mm x 300mm 10mm BUBBLE 300 / CTN
BB/SIZE4/240360 240mm x 360mm 10mm BUBBLE 200 / CTN
BB/SIZE5/265400 265mm x 400mm 10mm BUBBLE 200 / CTN
BB/SIZE6/150390 150mm x 390mm 10mm BUBBLE 300 / CTN
Bubble Bag Sizes

100 X 203mm 10mm BUBBLE, 125 X 245mm 10mm BUBBLE, 150mm x 220mm + 40mm FLAP 10mm BUBBLE, 150mm x 390mm 10mm BUBBLE, 215mm x 300mm 10mm BUBBLE, 240mm x 360mm 10mm BUBBLE, 265mm x 400mm 10mm BUBBLE