Great to bundle your items together.

  • Item code: PW/100
  • Sale Unit: Roll
  • Carton quantity: 20 rolls

Need to bundle your products together, but can’t use an adhesive tape? If so, Bundle Wrap is perfect for you. It is a plastic film that sticks to itself, not your goods, and it is very easy and quick to use with a bundle wrap dispenser.

This product is available in clear in 38mm and 76 mm diameter core, and in black color in 76mm diameter core

Item code: PW/100

Sale Unit: Roll

Carton quantity: 20 rolls

Dispensers are also available.



Bundle Wrap

100mm x 250m 20um 38mm I.D. CORE, 100mm x 250m 25um 76mm I.D. CORE, 100mm x 300m 20um 76mm I.D. CORE

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