Made from natural rubber.

  • Item Code: RB
  • Sale Unit: 500grm Bag

Below you will find our most popular sizes. Other sizes and colors are also available. If you can’t find the ones you need, please call us or send us an enquiry.

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  • Made from natural rubber
  • Great elasticity
  • Uniform size

Item Code: RB

Sale Unit: 500grm Bag

RB24 150mm x 1.5mm
RB30 50mm x 3mm
RB31 64mm x 3mm
RB32 75mm x 3mm
RB33 90mm x 3mm
RB34 100mm x 3mm
RB35 115mm x 3mm
RB64 64mm x 6mm
RB65 100mm x 6mm
RB109 248mm x 17mm
RB175 175mm x 4mm


Rubber Band Sizes

100mm x 3mm (RB34), 100mm x 6mm (RB65), 115mm x 3mm (RB35), 150mm x 1.5mm (RB24), 175mm x 4mm (RB175), 248mm x 17mm (RB109), 35mm x 1.5mm (RB10), 38mm x 1.5mm (RB12), 50mm x 1.5mm (RB14), 50mm x 3mm (RB30), 64mm x 1.5mm (RB16), 64mm x 3mm (RB31), 64mm x 6mm (RB64), 75mm x 1.5mm (RB18), 75mm x 3mm (RB32), 90mm x 1.5mm (RB19), 90mm x 3mm (RB33)