Commonly used for posting printed posters, documents, paintings, fishing rods & plans.

  • Item Code: MT
  • Sale unit: Each (caps NOT included, sold separately)
  • Bundle quantity: 10 pcs
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Mail Tubes are a light weight option offering protection during transportation and postage. They are made of a strong and durable cardboard. They are commonly used for printed posters, documents, paintings, calendars, fishing rods, blue prints & plans.

When choosing the length you require, allow about 15mm extra at either end for the cap.

They come in bundles of 10 units.

Item Code: MT

Colour: White

Sale unit: Each (caps NOT included, sold separately)

MT875/90  875mm x 90mm 1.6mm D
MT875-125/2  875mm x 125mm 2mm D
MT745/60  745mm x 60.3mm 1.6mm D
MT650-100  650mm x 100mm 2.1mm D
MT625/60  625mm x 60mm 1.6mm D
MT500/60  500mm x 60mm 1.6mm D
MT1500-125/2  1,500mm x 125mm  2.1mm D
MT1250-90  1,250mm x 90mm.
MT1250-125/2  1250mm x 125mm 2mm D
MT1100-90  1,100mm x 90mm  1.7mm D


Mail Tube Sizes

1,100mm x 90mm 1.7mm D, 1,250mm x 90mm 2.1mm D, 1,500mm x 125mm 2.1mm D, 1250mm x 125mm 2mm D, 500mm x 60mm 1.6mm D, 625mm x 60mm 1.6mm D, 650mm x 100mm 2.1mm D, 745mm x 60.3mm 1.6mm D, 875mm x 125mm 2mm D, 875mm x 90mm 1.6mm D

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