Economical and durable protection through the post and transit for non-fragile items.

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  • Sale Unit: Carton
  • Qty per carton: See chart in description
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Our Courier Bags and Satchels are ideal for economical and durable protection through the post and transit. These plastic mailers are a secure way to pack non-fragile items.

Additional protection can be added by packing items into one of our our smaller Cartons that will fit into various sizes. E.g. a C/1 or C/A4/1-REAM carton will fit into the medium to larger sized Courier bags and can hold a couple of coffee mugs.

Item code: COURIER/

Sale Unit: Carton

Reference Item Description Carton Quantity


160MM X 230MM + 50MM FLAP

190MM X 260MM + 50MM FLAP



COURIER/2 250MM X 325MM + 50MM FLAP 1000
COURIER/3 280MM X 380MM + 50MM FLAP 1000
COURIER/4 340MM X 440MM + 50MM FLAP 750
COURIER/5 420MM X 450MM + 50MM FLAP 500
COURIER/5.25 430MM X 545MM + 60MM FLAP 250
COURIER/5.5 440MM X 500MM + 60MM FLAP 250
COURIER/SP 500MM X 550MM + 50MM FLAP 400
COURIER/6 600MM X 650MM + 50MM FLAP 250
COURIER/7 650MM X 750MM + 50MM FLAP 200
COURIER/8 750MM X 900MM + 50MM FLAP 100
Courier Sizes

160mm x 230mm + 50mm FLAP (Size1623), 190mm x 260mm + 50mm FLAP (Size 1), 250mm x 325mm + 50mm FLAP (Size 2), 280mm x 380mm + 50mm FLAP (Size 3), 340mm x 440mm + 50mm FLAP (Size 4), 420mm x 450mm + 50mm FLAP (Size 5), 430mm x 545mm + 60mm FLAP (Size 5.25), 440mm x 500mm + 60mm FLAP (Size 5.5), 500mm x 550mm + 50mm FLAP (Size SP), 600mm x 650mm + 50mm FLAP (Size 6), 650mm x 750mm + 50mm FLAP (Size 7), 750mm x 900mm + 50mm FLAP (Size 8)