Ideal for backing and protecting your photos and certificates.

  • Item code: BOXBOARD
  • Sale unit: Sheet or pack. See chart in the description

Boxboard is an acid-free bookbinders board. Sometimes it is referred to as Backing Board as it is ideal for backing and protecting your photos and certificates. Boxboard is also suitable for a wide range of craft applications and creative projects. It is ideal for use in the print and paper trade.

Sale Unit: Sheet or Pack. See chart below.


BOXBOARD/A5/1800 (A5) 148mm x 210mm 1800UM/1050 gsm (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/A4/320 (A4) 210mm x 297mm 600UM/320 gsm (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/A4/2400 (A4) 210mm x 297mm 2400UM/1400 gsm  (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/A4/1800 (A4) 210mm x 297mm 1800UM/1050 gsm  (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/A4/1200 (A4) 210mm x 297mm 1200UM/700 gsm  (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/A3/2400 (A3) 297mm x 420mm 2400UM/700 gsm  (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/A3/1800 (A3) 297mm x 420mm 1800UM/1050 gsm (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/A3/1200 (A3) 297mm x 420mm 1200UM/700 gsm (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/A2/320 (A2) 420mm x 594mm 600UM / 320 gsm (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/A2/1800 (A2) 420mm x 594mm 1800UM (by sheet)
BOXBOARD/A2/1200 (A2) 420mm x 594mm 1200UM (by sheet)
BOXBOARD/690910/2400 690mm x 910mm 2400UM (by sheet)
BOXBOARD/690910/1800 690mm x 910mm 1800UM (By sheet)
BOXBOARD/690910/1200 690mm x 910mm 1200UM/700 gsm(sheet)
BOXBOARD/315425/1800 315mm x 425mm 1800UM/1050 gsm (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/297297/1800 297mm x 297mm  1800UM (By sheet)
BOXBOARD/297297/1200 297mm x 297mm 1200UM/700 gsm (by sheet)
BOXBOARD/245310/1800 (A4+)  245mm x 310mm 1800UM/1050 gsm (50 pack)
BOXBOARD/205255/1200 205mm x 255mm 1200 UM/700 gsm (50 pack)


Boxboard Sizes

148mm x 210mm (A5), 205mm x 255mm, 210mm x 297mm (A4), 245mm X 310mm (A4 Plus), 297mm X 297mm, 297mm x 420mm (A3), 315mm x 425mm, 420mm X 594mm (A2), 690mm x 910mm

Boxboard Thickness

1200 um, 1800 um, 2400 um