Can be opened & resealed anytime.  They keep out dust, dirt and moisture. They are also safe for storing food.

  • Item Code: SS
  • Sale Unit: Pack of 100
  • Carton quantity: 10 packs
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Self Seal Bags have a re-closable “press seal” which means you can open & reseal any time eliminating the need for a heat sealer.  There are numerous uses for Self Seal bags, including storing small items such as coins and seeds, up to larger items like apparel, food stuffs and advertising mail outs. They keep out dust, dirt and moisture. 

Different thicknesses are available – Red stripe: 40um, Blue Stripe: 50um, and heavy duty 75um. The heavier thickness can be used when you need extra protection for items like photographs and important documents. We also have a range of Self Seal Bags with a write-on white panel, enabling easy labelling of the contents.

Item Code: SS

Sale Unit: Pack of 100

Carton quantity: 10 packs

Bags Thickness

40um, 50um, 75um

Self Seal Bags

100mm x 125mm- 4"x 5", 100mm x 150mm- 4" x 6", 100mm x 180mm- 4" x 7", 100mm x 200mm, 125mm x 125mm -5" x 5", 125mm x 205mm- 5" x 8", 150mm x 205mm- 6" x 8", 150mm x 230mm- 6" x 9", 180mm x 250mm- 7" x 10", 180mm x 330mm- 7" x 13", 200mm x 200mm- 8" x 8", 205mm x 255mm-8" x 10", 205mm x 305mm- 8" x 12", 230mm x 308mm- 9" x 12", 230mm x 330mm- 9" x 13", 250mm x 305mm- 10" x 12", 280mm x 380mm- 11" x 15", 305mm x 380mm- 12" x 15", 320mm x 455mm- 12.5" x 18", 355mm x 405mm- 14" x 16", 380mm x 480mm – 15" x 19", 380mm x 508mm- 15" x 20", 38mm x 50mm- 1.5" x 2", 450mm x 700mm- 18" x 28", 50mm x 75mm- 2" x 3", 64mm x 89mm- 2.5" x 3.5", 75mm x 100mm- 3" x 4", 75mm x 125mm- 3" x 5", 90mm x 150mm