Perfect to create your own Poly Bags to custom lengths.

  • Item Code: PB
  • Sale Unit: KG on the roll (see chart in description)
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Poly Tubing is a continuous length of hollow plastic tubing, wound flat onto a roll. It is made from a LDPE (Low density Polyethylene). You can create your own Poly Bags to custom lengths by using heat sealers, ties, tape or staples at each end of the bag. Different width rolls are available.

Poly Tubing is great for long and narrow items are required to be protected from dust, scratching and moisture in transit or storage.

Item Code: PB

Sale Unit: KG on the roll (see chart).

Code Description Approx. Kg/roll
PT100-150 100mm x 150um (Virgin) 10
PT50-150 50mm x 150um (Virgin) 4
PT70-150 70mm x 150um (Virgin) 10
PT300-50 300mm x 50um (Virgin) 20
PT1230-80 1,230mm x 80um 40
PT100-100 100mm x 100um 10
PT110-100  110mm x 100um 10
PT150-100 150mm x 100um 15
PT150-150 150mm x 150um 10
PT170-100  170mm x 100um 15
PT180-150 180mm x 150um 10
PT200-100  200mm x 100um 10
PT200-250 200mm x 250um 20
PT250-100 250mm x 100um 20
PT250-150  250mm x 150um 20
PT300-100 300mm x 100um 25
PT300-75 300mm x 75um 20
PT500-100 500mm x 100um 20
PT50-75 50mm x 75um 10
PT75-100 75mm x 100um 10
PT240-150 240mm x 150um 25
PT400-100  400mm x 100um 30
PT400-150  400mm x 150um 30
PT600-150  600mm x 150um 35

If you prefer a Poly Bag that is already made up into specific sizes, click here.

Poly Tubing Options

1,230mm x 80um, 100mm x 100um, 100mm x 150um (Virgin), 110mm x 100um, 150mm x 100um, 150mm x 150um, 170mm x 100um, 180mm x 150um, 200mm x 100um, 200mm x 250um, 240mm x 150um, 250mm x 100um, 250mm x 150um, 300mm x 100um, 300mm x 50um (Virgin), 300mm x 75um, 400mm x 100um, 400mm x 150um, 500mm x 100um, 50mm x 150um (Virgin), 50mm x 75um, 600mm x 150um, 70mm x 150um (Virgin), 75mm x 100um